Introducing the Brand New “Speed of Light”

The first thing you’ll notice is that you probably won’t notice anything at all. The website looks and works identically to how it’s always worked. For you, the reader. But for me, the author, the website has gone under a massive overhaul and has been re-written from the ground up to support all kinds of new goodies. Gone are the days of the jury-rig known as Colophon 1, the old website software I’d written to power this website.

Instead, with Colophon 2 I’ve got a proper web interface. No more publishing articles over git. Colophon 2 has a proper REST API, including a built in article editor (with autosave). I’m currently writing this article directly in the browser without worry of it crashing. And I can start writing on my computer and finish up on my iPad. Or I can post links directly from my iPhone. This is something I could never do with the original version of Colophon.

Of course, I always could have gone with a pre-existing publishing software, but none of the web publishing services I’ve looked at have really met my needs. And hell, it’s just fun to hack away on something outside of my typical domain. The app is in really great shape and I’m not entirely sure what to do with it. I could open source it, but I feel like it would be a waste of the good, hard work I’ve put into it. And then, of course, I could sell it, but I’m not sure there really needs to be yet-another-publishing-service. Suggestions are welcome.

On a more personal note

You may have have noticed a distinct lack of articles here in the last month or so and I’m happy to say it’s all been for a really good reason, and even happier to say the lapse should now be over.

I’ve just moved from Ottawa to New York City and started a new job as an iOS Developer at the New York Times. Working for Shopify was an incredible experience, and I was sad to leave, but I’m even more excited for this new stage in my life. I’m a Canadian living in the US, and I’m exploring a new city. It’s equal parts exhilarating and terrifying but I couldn’t be more excited for it.

Speed of Light