Books for Brennan in Brooklyn

I’ve been running Speed of Light since early 2010, and it continues to be a more rewarding experience with every passing day. I’ve used it as a place to explore my thoughts and expand my writing abilities, and I’ve made some friends in the process. Though my readership is modest, it is also thoughtful (and handsome).

There seems to be a trend when someone such as me has a website such as I do reaches a point in their website writing or readership when a decision is made to start making profit. This is not a bad thing, and many writers with numerous readers make this decision to go at least semi-pro with their writing.

I don’t think this is the right path for me, first and formost because I wouldn’t know where to begin without making it shitty and ensuring failure. I just don’t have enough readers to attract any kind of moderate money from this website, and nor do I want to resort to tactics to try and coerce such a readership. My articles may not make the rounds on Twitter or make it to the top (or even bottom) of Hacker News, and I may not get errant clicks because of the inflammatory or salacious headlines I choose not to write, but that’s something I’m damn proud of and I don’t intend on changing.

So instead of trying to convince myself of a goal I really don’t want, and then inflict upon my readers tactics to achieve that goal, I want to try something different.

I’m not taking this website full time, and I’m not even taking it semi-pro. I’m not adding advertising or sponsorships and I’m not adding a membership. In fact, you could have skipped this altogether and not seen any change, and that’s OK with me.

Enter the Tip Jar

What I’m doing is basically putting out a tip jar, nothing more and nothing less. It’s a way for people who like what I already write to encourage me to write more in the same vein. Here’s how it works:

  1. If you like what I write so much that you want me to write more of it, you can go through my Amazon wishlist and buy me something from it.
  2. If you don’t want to, then you don’t. Nothing changes.

I’m not trying to sway anyone to do this, I’m just trying this as an experiment to let you do it, if you’d like. The items on my wishlist tend to be about the topics I like to write about, so it’s a way for you, the reader, to encourage (or thank) me to write more like I do. Or maybe to expand my horizons. Or maybe you think something on the list is particularly awesome (the order of the items on the list shouldn’t indicate preference, I had to transfer them all over recently from an older Amazon account).

So there it is. My wishlist, it’s a way for you give me a tip if you so choose, or a way for you to just look at my interests if not.

Here’s to many more years of Speed of Light!

Speed of Light