Fear Of Wasting My Life Online Looking At Pictures

FOWMLOLAP, for short.

You see, there’s this thing called FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out (which I’ve previously talked about on this site). It’s a phenomenon about the feeling you get when you see your peer’s activity online, particularly on social networks, and it gives you that empty feeling because you see all the things you’re not doing.

I like to think I am, to a degree at least, somewhat immune to the FOMO. I’m not totally unaffected by it, but I feel like I’m antisocial enough so that at least it doesn’t bother me too much to see others’ activities online.

What does bother me, more and more, is the fear that I’m wasting my life looking at pictures online. When I get to the heart of things, so much of my non-working life online is spent looking at pictures. There’s Instagram and Flickr and Tumblrs. There’s the stuttery sites like FFFFound (design porn) and Dribbble (design masturbation). Then there’s Twitter, which has its own share of photos or links to click (most of the links have lots of photos). There’s Macrumors and the Verge, and there’s my RSS reader, too. Although some of those sources have “news”, there’s almost always too much for me to read in a day, so I skip most of it. Back to the pictures.

These are my sites. When I’ve finished with them, I’ll start channel-changing back with the first ones all over again.

I’m not saying these websites are all bad or even any bad. I’m not saying there aren’t good aspects to them. I’m not saying everyone who uses them is wasting their lives.

I am saying, however, this is what I see myself doing. I have no fear of missing out because so often, WMLOLAP seems to be exactly what I want to do. And that’s why it gives me the Fear, because in reality, I so super very much do not want to do that.

This is my channel-changing-challenge.

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