A Partial List of Questions About the Native Apple Watch SDK

Marco Arment wrote last week about a partial list of questions about the Native Apple Watch SDK and I thought I’d do the same and add mine below:

Will developers waste months of their time developing tiny widgets for every imaginable kind of app? Are they making watch versions of iPhone apps that really should have just been web pages in the first place? Will the widgets show almost no information thanks to the tiny screen size and the immutable laws of physics?

Will the SDK be buggy during the betas? Will compile times be slow due to Swift? Will the betas goad developers into filing thousands of Radars that Apple developers will never fix because the Apple Watch is a distraction for Apple’s developers in addition to seemingly every 3rd party developer as well?

Will I finally be able to connect and share moments with the ones I love all from the comfort of my own watch? Will more notifications buzzing on my arm finally make me feel important like I’ve always dreamed of? Will it at least get me more followers on Twitter? Jesus where is my Uber?

Will the Native Apple Watch SDK improve in any significant way computing for a large number of people? Will a luxury timekeeping computing device bring us together or drive us apart? Will a native SDK improve or harm that?

Will it help us understand complex problems? Will it help us devise solutions to these problems?

Will the SDK help me realize the destructive tendencies of a capitalist lifestyle? Will the SDK make developers want to buy a new Apple Watch every year because all these native apps slow their watches down and because well they have two arms anyway so what’s the harm in buying another? Will I think about the people living elsewhere in the world who manufactured the watch? Will I think about where “away” is when I throw the watch away? Will I think about how WWDC is celebrating me for changing the world despite my immense privilege enabling me to become a professional software developer and live in a celebrated bubble because me and people like me are like, real good at helping Apple sell more watches and iPhones?

Can you feel my heartbeat?

Speed of Light