Tara Mann on Learning to Just Be a Person. Tara Mann:

I hit a point a few months ago when I realized I needed to reset my relationship with “social media.” I had no interest in leaving any of the networks I currently use, but I did need to change their level of importance in my life. I continuously get meaningful value from these products, and some of my closest relationships are the result of them. This isn’t about deleting accounts, this is about reprioritizing, about figuring out how much importance I assign to these services and how I access them. […]

I realized that I needed to be comfortable existing in a moment, in my own skin, alone with my thoughts. Louis C.K. has this great bit about just being a person. I remember seeing this and thinking, “damn, I can’t remember the last time I was just a person.”

Tara’s got some great tips here. I’ve unfortunately never had much luck toning down social network use. For me, it’s always been mostly all-or-nothing, unfortunately. That’s one (of many) reason(s) why I’ve been off twitter for the last month or so, and why I plan on mostly remaining off it indefinitely. The thing I keep reminding myself, though, is that it’s in Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / etc’s interest (and their aim) to keep us glued to our screens as much as possible — i.e., it’s not a personal failure that I’m “addicted” to social media — it’s designed to have me be addicted.

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