Andy Ihnatko's Advanced Viewing of “Wreck-It-Ralph”. It’s amazing to think of Disney and Pixar studios as technology-driven companies, but that’s what they really are. Mostly all powered by Macs these days, too:

Disney Animation is a major Mac house. Every presentation and every demo that incidentally included a screenshot of any kind of process had a MacOS menubar in it.

An in-house Mac developer gave a detailed walkthrough of “Raconteur,” Disney’s custom-made app for building, presenting, and managing digital storyboards. It was a great demo. It made me try to imagine those segments that Walt Disney used to present on the old “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World” show, in which he explained the animation process.

“We use CALayer objects for the thumbnails, and when the animator plays through the scene with dialogue, we’re using the IKSlideshow class…”

Also the film sounds amazing.

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