Form and Format and Software Names

Here at Speed of Light, I like to pretend I'm a writer, and part of this job means I need to stick to a semi-stringent set of formatting rules for how my words are written, and how the copy is presented. While I'm not writing essays for an English teacher, and I'm not nearly as anal in my style as is say, The New York Times, I do try to adhere to the basics I've learned in years of school for grammatical and formatting style.

According to most style guides, the names of works of art such as books, films, songs, etc. must be emphasized in the text, usually by italics or “quotes” (the precise method varies among styles).

So, from now on I'm going to make an effort, when referring to pieces of software to italicize their names, as I believe they are similar to the other forms of intellectual work described above. I encourage you to do the same whenever possible in your writing.

Speed of Light