More from Giles Bowkett and his Hacker Newspaper. Lists are kind of a cop-out, too:

This might fall on deaf ears, but if there's anything Web geeks could use more of, it's typography. Imagine how much nicer it would be to read log files if your log file reader automatically reformatted your log files to emphasize the information you were searching for, not in a garish, clumsy way but in an elegant, readable way. Imagine how much nicer Google searches would be if they exploited the sophisticated structure of newspaper-style layouts. A lot of what people on the Web are doing with typography reinvents a smooth, polished, and very round wheel. Since it's existing knowledge which loads of people have failed to notice, you can get a technological edge on your competition using technology invented in the 1800s. We might be done with the printing press for day-to-day news, but disregarding the craft of typography is a ridiculous mistake.

By typography he doesn't mean β€œHey what font is that?” but instead means β€œHow is typography, both face and size choice, used to provide visual structure?”

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