Ode to the Explorers

That's you. You're an explorer. Yes, you, the one reading this. An explorer. You're amongst the very first to conquer this markup.

Thank you.

There may be some bumps on the way; that's part of being an explorer. You might find pages not working. You might find feeds not validating. You might find links broken. You shouldn't find any of these, but if you do, please report it back to your dearest, narrator.

I would also appreciate discreteness during these initial explorations. The domain of this land has not yet been finalized, and as master of this domain, I'd hate for word to get out prematurely. So for now at least, please don't share this site with outsiders.

You should be able to subscribe to the site with any modern feed reader. Most browsers will even detect the feed (except, oddly, Chrome on the Mac).

You should be able to read the website in any modern browser, even a mobile one. I'm interested to find out how it renders on Android browsers, specifically the typography (if it looks like ass, let me know. Screenshots would be nice either way). I've taken no special measures to ensure this site renders properly in anything except WebKit and a few trials in FireFox (but even then I don't really care). I only really care if it renders poorly in YOUR browser, because you are a close friend of mine and your opinion matters to me. So do complain if you feel the need.

You can navigate up and down through the articles with j/k for you vi-tards out there (I love you). Use h/l to go forward and backward through the pages of articles (which causes a slight glitch when you use a keyboard shortcut to go to your browser's address bar…). Press r to reload the current page.

Presently there are about 5 articles per page. Eventually I will bump this number way up, because I hate pagination. But it's low now just to test the pagination mechanics.

A few known issues: most of the other pages on the site are fairly empty, there's a broken image link in one of them. If you read the site until the end of the articles, you can still go back further and further in back-issues without actually seeing any content. I could fix it, I've been busy.

Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for being the first to help me test this website.

Speed of Light