On Buying Coda 2 and Diet Coda

If you're a web developer you probably should buy yourself a copy of Coda 2 which comes out today, May 24 2012. If you're even thinking about purchasing it, you should do so today because it's 50% its regular price today only. You'll get it for $50 instead of the regular $100.

As the app is available both from the App Store and directly from Panic themselves, this presents a bit of a dilemma: Should I buy Coda 2 from the App Store or from Panic? you might ask yourself. Here's my opinion:

Buy Coda 2 directly from Panic. The only pro to buying from the App Store is you get some iCloud syncing of your Sites (that is, your website configuration in Coda, not the files) and your Clips (similar to Xcode Snippets). This syncing isn't really anything that couldn't also be done with Dropbox if Panic later so decides. So you won't miss out on much.

But the benefits of buying directly from Panic far outweigh the cons: You support Panic, an independent developer (remember: App Store developers only get 70% of the revenue) and more importantly, you're less vulnerable to Apple's whim with regards to sandboxing and what they'll allow in the Store. If Apple decides tomorrow apps can no longer access the Terminal, then your App Store copy of Coda 2 won't be able to be updated very much. You also might have to jump through more hoops to browse or edit your own files. And who knows what else Apple might start excluding from their Sandbox.

There is of course the possibility Apple will add new features to OS X which are only available to App Store apps, but I can't imagine anything too groundbreaking which Coda will really benefit from.

As such, I'd highly recommend you just buy it straight from Panic.

Speed of Light