I like giving presentations and talks at groups like Cocoaheads, and I’ve given a few over the years. Most of the talks show off some new piece of code I’ve been working on and most of the time, the project is open sourced.

After the presentation, I like to host the slides somewhere and I also usually link to the code on Github, but it’s hard to keep everything organized.

This has lead me to create my Presentations repository on Github. Here you’ll find all the presentations I’ve given, in both PDF and Keynote format. Sometimes I’ll even include an extra readme file with more information or links. You can clone the repository and always be kept up to date with the slides, if you’re interested.

But it gets better. Instead of just linking to any relevant code, I’ll also be including submodule links to the code repositories for each presentation. So by simply keeping your clone up to date, you’ll also have a way to get all the goodies I release, too, without having to look anywhere else.

The repo is a little bleak right now, but I’ll be adding new presentations and source code links as make new presentations, and I’ll add some older ones when I get the chance.

Speed of Light