Steve Jobs died today.

Originally I had written that as “Steve Jobs passed today”, but I know, as he knew, there is nothing left to pass into. The idea of Steve will live on, as will the impact has made on everybody's life.

I'm in a weird mood about his death (which I realize is kind of selfish). Death affects us all differently, but we're united by the mere act of being affected by death in the first place. At first thought, it's a sad thing. Even though I didn't know him, it's sad. But on second thought, it's beautiful in a way.

It's sad because he was so young, so full of life, and it was so swiftly stripped from him. But it's beautiful because now we are given a focal point for his life. Today is a culmination of everything great his life has brought the world. It's a shame there will be no more to it, but through his actions resonate something greater. This is the way to live on after death.

Speed of Light