The Daily Staleness. I've been trying to put words to the general feeling of “meh” I have towards The Daily, and Ben Brooks nails it:

Do you the reader and consumer of news want information that is a day old? Would you prefer an hour old, perhaps a minute old, seconds, what about real-time? If you take an honest poll of news readers that are using iPads and you will find that for most the sweet spot is a few hours old.

I think there is something else, and this staleness is just symptomatic of a bigger problem. The main problem of The Daily as I see it, is a pathetic clinging to an old and dying medium of print publishing.

In the print world, Advertising is key. Everything revolves around the advertiser. Content is created to lure more eyes to sell more advertising. The journalists and writers busting their necks day after day are merely cogs in the Great Print Advertising machine, and they falsely “believe” (on some level at least; I'm sure they're aware of how it really goes) their content is what's being bought. Wrong. Readers and their attention is what's being bought.

The Daily focuses on this and this alone: Let's put junk together once per day because that's what we've always done in print. If you watched the live Question and Answer portion of The Daily launch event, then you would have heard Jon Miller say (I'm paraphrasing as I don't have a proper recording. Corrections are welcome):

In case I didn't make it clear during the presentation, we love advertisers.

The unfortunate thing is this model pays the print execs big bucks, and the reporters get next to nothing. We're in a new world of internet media, where every player has equal foothold. I hope soon we'll start seeing the “One-Person Newspaper”, a whole new model to turn the Print world on its head.

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