Website Comments. The latest craze in weblogs seems to be disabling comments, and now even my dear friend Ash is following suit. This is a great thing for the web, although I’m a little dismayed it took a trend for this to be on people’s minds. The Ashes ponder:

I was discussing with my wife how, though Matt Gemmell only recently disabled comments, my friend and fellow tech blogger Jason Brennan has never had comments enabled in the first place. I insinuated to her that Jason was just lazy, since he wrote his own blogging platform, and she replied with “well, yeah, you wouldn’t either, would you?”

That is part of it. Writing a website without comments in significantly simpler than writing one with. But it is also the case a website without comments is what I wanted since Day One. They were never on the table. This wasn’t even an inspiration from The Great One (or The Greatest One).

My goal has always been to foster and participate in a community of websites linking back and forth. A web if you will. It’s always been the best way to get a real discussion going. Although sometimes I feel like I’m the only one talking.

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