What We Believe In

I believe in a website with articles, and not a “blog with posts”. I believe in creating an exciting place to share my writing, to explore my journalist side. I believe calling any website a name which starts with the sound “blaw” is a serious disservice to the content from the get-go. I believe content is king.

I believe in no comments on articles, as I've never seen comments on any site provide a positive contribution to the content, and the content is king. I believe in well-thought-out, civil, and direct discussion through emails and replies on other websites.

I believe in providing content in as many accessible ways as possible, including valid HTML5, CSS, and ATOM feeds, with full content, because content is king. I believe the reader should enjoy the content how he or she pleases. I believe in making the website easily readable, with keyboard shortcuts (h/j/k/l/r). I believe in never truncating the ATOM feed for those who choose to read it, and I believe in adding one extra goodie for those who visit the actual site (and I believe those who discover the goodie should not talk amongst themselves).

I believe in Futura, Gotham Condensed Extra-Bold, Helvetica, and Menlo. I do not believe in Arial.

I do not believe in SHARE ME links to Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Twitter. I believe my readers are smart enough to do that themselves if they so choose, and I believe my readers deserve to be treated as readers, not traffic-traffickers. I do not believe in FEEDBACK tabs floating on, and obscuring, content, because I believe content is king.

I do not believe in writing junk just to get pageviews. I believe in writing great content to attract great readers. I believe in linking to things I find interesting, and to writing extended pieces whenever I find the time.

I believe you will enjoy this website.

Speed of Light