Why I Write

There are a few reasons I've been writing more lately, each with varying degrees of influence. It begins with two stories:

When I was in high school, I noticed I was quite proficient in the essay-writing courses (except for one English course, where the teacher wrote, triple-underlined in red ink: “Out of which WINDOW did you THROW OUT EVERYTHING YOU KNEW ABOUT GRAMMAR??”), and I scored a 99% in my grade 12 Writing course. Though everyone did quite well in the Writing course, it was the first time I'd ever really aced a subject in school and it really solidified my belief I had talent in writing.

My performance in non-humanties classes has always been less than stellar, but courses with extensive writing have always been my best grades. It's not that I'm particularly great at writing, and it's not effortless, but it's something I find enjoyable, and I like to believe I'm good at it. I find myself never practicing, and most school essays have been written hours before they were to be handed in.

I'd found myself wanting, for a long time, to rectify this situation, to practice writing on my own and to publish it as well. In recent years, I've tried various approaches to web-hosted writing, but none of them became habitual. I found the software available frustrating to use, and I'd use that as an excuse to not write. It would take a close friend of mine to unknowingly inspire me to fix this.

My good friend Ash Furrow had a blog of his own, where he often wrote about Science, Atheism, Student Life, among his many other passions. While I didn't always agree with every word he wrote, I always admired his fervour and tenacity to write well and write often. I distinctly recall one cold January 2010 evening, after reading yet another article from Ash and having the desire to “Do that” surge through me. That night I designed and began building what would be known as “Colophon”, the software which runs this website.

I finished and published Colophon as this website in the Spring of 2010 and published articles throughout the Summer, but by Fall, I had lost my steam again. Writing became less of a priority for me and eventually I stopped altogether. It even had to be brought to my attention when the website broke!

As I mentioned in the Redesign article, I want to be writing again. I have a few possible directions in my head for what this might entail in the coming year, but for now suffice it to say I want to keep this website brimming with fresh content. Like all habits, these things take time and persistence, but in the end I think it will be worth it.

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