Jason Brennan

iOS Contractor

for Hire

Hi! I’m Jason, a software developer with nearly a decade of iOS programming experience. Since 2008 I’ve been developing iOS apps, and I’d love to help you build yours, no matter if you’re improving an existing codebase or starting on something brand new, I can make it a success.

I’ll help modernize your app. Summer is on its way, and with it comes a new version of iOS, bringing exciting APIs to adopt, deprecated classes to drop, and upgrades to Swift and Objective C compilers. I can modernize your API usage, upgrade your project to the newest Swift, and get you on the freshest Cocoapods or Carthage dependencies.

Starting a new app? I can help with that too. I know iOS inside and out. From Objective C to Swift, UIKit to Foundation, frame math to Auto Layout, Interface Builder or in code. I know how to work down from the hardware and filesystem, the network, the UI, all the way up to iTunes Connect and the App Store. I’ve used all kinds of libraries for networking, persistence, and animation, and if I haven’t used one you need, I bet I can figure it out.

Some things I’ve worked on

Meetup is built entirely in Swift, and makes use of modern features like generics, enums, and protocols. It integrates with awesome libraries like Realm and SwiftyJSON.

Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free world class education for everyone. Their Swift & Objective C app helps them do this on iPhone and iPad.

The New York Times needs no introduction. I helped rapidly modernize the apps for iOS 7’s earth-shattering design & API changes before launch.

Hopscotch is a programming environment for kids on the iPad. I helped redesign and build the app. The interface uses direct manipulation of objects, drag and drop blocks of code, and an active community of children who love emojis.

Speed of Light is where I’ve been linking and publishing random short essays about technology, programming, and education since 2010.

How to Hire Me

I have availability starting June 1 2017 for iOS Development, workshops, and code review.

and we’ll discuss your needs and the services I provide to meet them.