A Refreshed Speed of Light

I’m still in meta post land, and today I wanted to briefly touch on the slight redesign of my website (if you’re reading this in a feed reader, take a sec and poke around the real site). Here’s what’s new:

  1. Boosted the type size way, way up. I’d been meaning to do this forever, but a recent essay about accessibility tipped me over the edge. Everyone can read big type, but not everyone can read small type, simple as that.

  2. At the same time, I lightened the look of the page a bit: gone is the heavy black border around the page; instead I’ve got a lighter border, which feels representative of the old look, too, without weighing the page down.

  3. Similarly, I moved the giant mast head below the first post. When you come to a post, you probably don’t give a crap the name of the site, and instead just want to start reading. If you really want to “click to go home” at the top of the page, you can still do that anyway, there’s a big invisible space at the top that’s a link to the homepage.

  4. I got rid of the responsive jazz. When I last redesigned the site, “Responsive” sites were all the rage, and I used a column based CSS framework. It was nifty, but ultimately way overdoing what is essentially a 1 column website. Now that column is centered. Finally.

  5. The site should still look great on mobile (where the design has become even lighter, and finally, Futura Condensed Extra Bold mast head on iOS!).

  6. I fixed the El Capitan bug where all the type looked bold? wtf Safari? (I would have fixed this sooner but I have yet to upgrade my machine, and I was honestly hoping Apple would have fixed the bug by now. Ah well, fixed now).

That’s essentially it. Most of the changes are relatively small (except for the type, which is relatively big), but I think it makes for a much more readable experience.

If you find any problems or have any feedback, please do let me know!

Speed of Light