Beach is a computing environment centred around creativity, play, and thinking—for children of all ages.

Coming 20XX


You can make anything. Beach isn’t just an app, it’s also a tool kit for making your own apps (and games and musical instruments and…you get the picture). In Beach, you can make and play with:

Brains! Make your creations come to life. Simulate an ant hill, play with gravity, make an interactive book, or the world’s best fart machine.

Time! Each copy of Beach comes with a fully functional time machine. Mess around in your creation with confidence because if you break something, just rewind time until you unbreak it.

Shapes! Perfect circles, total squares, love triangles and more. Make beautiful art, or even your own drawing app.

Colour! Beach not only lets you pick pretty colours, it also lets you mix and make any kinds of colours you want. Play with paint balls or disco balls.

Sounds and music! In Beach you can play and record sounds, and even play music. Or again, make a fart machine.

Beach is made by Jason Brennan. It's currently pretty early in development, but sign up below to be notified as more details become available. Questions? Feel free to reach out directly via email or on Twitter @jasonbrennan.

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